Enon Hall

Progress Report/Index
Updated July 10, 2004

This page will give you an idea of what we've done...and what's left to be done.
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Room Completed Remaining
Screened Porch Replaced spindly horizontal rails with whiskey rail Replace decorative cornice trim pieces
  Scraped, primed and painted exterior gable end Paint doors leading from house
  Built new posts for either side of screen door  
  Scraped, primed and painted beadboard ceiling  
  Installed new ceiling fan and ran electrical in ceiling  
  Replaced electrical outlet with exterior outlet box  
Parlor Cleaned Restore both windows
    Replace buckling drywall with blueboard plaster
    Replace rotten floorboards by hall door
Center Hall Cleaned Plane sticking rear door
    Plaster repairs
Library Cleaned Fix corner cracks on front wall
  Monitoring corner cracks to see if there is still movement Plane cabinet doors so they will close
    Restore front window
Downstairs Bath Removed counter and sink Scrape the daggone window!
  Replaced toilet seat No stack makes sink gurgle when toilet is flushed. Solution?
  Removed carpet and installed vinyl floor  
  Installed new pedestal sink  
  Installed new overhead lighting  
Dining Room Cleaned Restore all windows (exterior glazing)
  Repaired plaster Refinish floor
  Built out over mantel  
  Cleaned and reinstalled chandelier  
Kitchen Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned Eventually tear it down to make room for a better kitchen
  Tracked down and eradicated all mouse nests  
  Painted cabinets  
  Painted floor  
  Built lunch counter  
  Replaced ceiling light fixture  
Carport Replaced rotten corner post Replace other rotten corner post
    Eventually tear it down
Bedroom 1 Cleaned Restore remaining windows
  Restored one window sash Fix cracks
    Remove texture paint from plaster ceiling
    Restore floor finish
Upstairs bath Cleaned Restore window
  Removed tile surround and tiled Call plumber re: rear discharge toilet. Threatens to overflow.
  Installed exhaust fan  
  Installed new ceiling light fixture  
  Drywall work  
  Refinished floor  
  Shower curtain solution for angled wall  
Upstairs hall Cleaned Plaster repairs
    Restore both windows
    Restore floor finish
Guest Bedroom Cleaned Restore windows
  Restored one window sash Paint radiator
  Trimmed out closet, closed holes, added shelves Unstick door knob
  Painted (several times)  
  Restored floor finish  
Law Office Tore down plywood-walled closet Strip or repaint beadboard ceiling and wainscotting
  Restored one window Restore 3 remaining windows
  Stripped mantel Repaint and reinstall mantel
    Refinish floor
    Add bathroom?
Attic   Address questionable wiring
Roof Installed cypress shingles on gambrel roof  
  Installed standing seam copper porch & law office roofs  
  Repairs to kitchen/carport roof  
Front Elevation Removed asbestos shingles Finish scraping 19th century addition
  Painted front of 18th century portion Prime and paint 19th century addition
  Some scraping of 19th century section Paint and hang shutters on all windows
    Build steps for 18th century door
    Finish work on the dormers
  Painted front of kitchen Restore all window sashes
Rear Elevation Tore down delapidated 20th century kitchen addition Restore all window sashes
  Tore out porch enclosure Paint and hang all shutters
  Rebuilt porch floor Build steps for 18th century door
  Scraped and painted old tapered porch posts Finish scraping 19th century addition
  Uncovered buried brick stoop Finish painting
  Re-sided area where kitchen addition was Address or disguise location of septic tank
  Tore down doghouse cellar entrance and built bulkhead Finish work on the dormers
  Some painting  
Smokehouse Replaced rotten siding Get rid of groundhogs underneath
Kitchen Quarters Cleaned out Ground-up restoration needed
    Get rid of groundhogs underneath
    Rebuild missing chimney & fireplace
Cellar Cleaned out Replace faulty jacks
    Replaced rotten floor joists under parlor
    Tuck and point foundation
    Clean out more
Graveyard Removed overgrowth Restore brick wall and ball caps
  Killed vines/trees growing in brick wall  
Chicken House Cleaned out Put in barn doors at one end so tractor can be driven in?
Other Uncovered front walk Re-side over old law office door on end
  Lots and lots of tree work and clearing Line and repair all chimneys (Golden Flue?)
  Ground up stumps...hundreds of them Interior wood storms for all windows
  Replaced windmill  

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