Enon Hall


The information below, long held as true, is largely incorrect. Please see The True Story.

Excerpt from "Hathaways of America" - 1970 Edition, page 910

"William Hathaway, b. near Stratford, Eng., 1636 (Ref. DESCENDANTS OF HUGH BRENT AND SOME ALLIED FAMILIES, Wm. A. Brent, p 235.) d. Lancaster Co., Va., 1692; tradition that he had married Letitia Lawson on ship en route to America; that he inherited a share in English property; that he later returned money to England.

"Basic research by Virginia McComb, 1950, HATHAWAY AND LAWSON FAMILIES OF VIRGINIA. A copy is filed with West Virginia Collections, at W. Va. Univ. Library, Morgantown, W. Va. by Mr. and Mrs. Tatterson who researched the descendants of Henry and carried on several other branches of the family.

"William Hathaway's first deed was from Wm. Downing, 1666. His land was near the month of the Tappahannock, in early times called "Chickacoon Country". It is not known who built the first "Enon Hall" nor if it was named by Hathaway or Downing. It was originally a frame colonial-type small house with portico, middle entrance into a wide hall, on either side two large rooms below and two above. A fine brick wall surrounds the ancestral graveyard, with later graves marked by stones, and earlier ones by boxwood. Antipoison Creek runs through the estate, tidal waters. It is about two miles from White Stone, Va. Many changes and additions were made in the 270 years it was owned by the family, which now owns only the graveyard. The first house had dining-room in the basement and kitchen in the yard. Later an end room and a half were added, then two to the back; then two more. The large yard has mulberry, aspen, coffee and maple trees. The formal garden is off the parlor. Slave quarters were on a point called Quarters Point. "Aenon" means waters or springs (Bible: John 3,23).

"Several branches of this family have passed along a tradition that William had more than one son, and that at least one went to Mass. and another to North or South Carolina. We have proof of only the one son, William II.

Haddawais Creek was named in 1649 for Roland Hathaway who lived in Northumberland, Va. Virkus COMPENDIUM OF AMERICAN GENEALOGY 5/331 gives Rowland Haddaway's birth 1607, death 1667. He then is the elder of the Hathaways who emigrated and possibly is the father of William b. 1636, and John of Baltimore whose will was probated 30 Aug. 1692. Some support for this hypothesis is found in the Order Books of Lancaster Co., Va. where William's surname was spelled Haddaway for the years 1660, 1662, 1664, and 1665. In later years it was Hathaway. pages 358-9 HATHAWAYS 1200-1980 give additional details of this research.

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