Enon Hall


When I started this site in 1999 I was kind of out there all alone. (And who knew that what I was doing was called "blogging?") Today, more and more brave souls are sharing their restoration projects with the world through their Web sites. Check 'em out!

Brickman House - Delaware
This couple cracks me up with their adventures, prose, and sense of humor. Great writing and a kilt to boot! And I can't believe how much they manage to get done in a single weekend!

Church Hill - Richmond, Virginia
An amazing old Victorian home. I used to work with this guy!

Tireless Efforts - Maryland
Not an ongoing journal, but a great story of unbelievable determination and vision as one man transforms an automobile dumping ground into his family's new home. Wow.

Our Old House - Illinois
These folks actually lifted their 1910 house and rebuilt the foundation underneath!

House In Progress - Chicago, Illinois
A great old bungalow. Frequent updates.

1912 Bungalow - Los Angeles, California
It's always so cool to see asbestos shingles coming off of an old house! (Been there. Done that.)

Fixer-Upper - Somewhere in New York state
A young couple restores their first home, an 1890s Italianate.

Our Victorian House - New Jersey
An 1891 Eastlake Victorian home. Lots of before and after shots.

Raise the Ranch - New Jersey
A young couple's journey of turning a little 1950s ranch into a classic, traditionally-styled Colonial.

The Minton Project - Studley, Virginia
I have visited this 1820 farmhouse on the site of Patrick Henry's birthplace and it is an amazing project. Danny Minton has single-handedly (well, he does have two hands) gutted this old place and has almost completed the process of restoring it to its old glory.

Bang Your Thumb - Richmond, Virginia
A fabulous 1890 home in Richmond's historic Fan District. Scott is a good friend of mine. (A good friend who needs to update his site more often!)

Old House St. Louis - St. Louis, Missouri
A great 1907 foursquare.

48 Summer - Maynard, Massachussets
You gotta love any old house project where you can barely see the house in the "before" photo for all of the vines and overgrowith!

The Little White Bungalow - Durham, North Carolina
Their tagline says it all. "Muddling our way through life and home improvement."

Mosman-Morton House - St. Joseph, Missouri
An 1885 Italianate mansion.

Butterfly Hollow Farm - Tennessee
"Discovering nature, saddles and solitude in an old abandoned Tennessee farm."

Casa Decrepit - Alameda, California
An 1876 Italianate Victorian being returned to its former glory.

Our (Very) Old House - Jackson Township, Ohio
A wonderful early 1800s brick farmhouse.

Pennbrook Farm - Pennsylvania
Early 19th century farmhouse in the Poconos.

Woodbine - St. Paul, Minnesota
An 1887 octaganal home filled with history, character, and bats. The new owners are tracking their restoration work online.

The Petch House - Eureka, California
The restoration of an 1895 Queen Ann Victorian.

1902 Victorian - Eutaw, Alabama
"Bringing our house out of the '70s and into some strange mix of today and 102 years ago."

Ocean Manor House - Salem, Massachusetts (I believe)
The diary of the restoration of a New England Victorian.

Olney Illinois Victorian - Olney, Illinois
This homeowner has been managing the restoration of this 1880 Victorian from 750 miles away, but now is getting ready to move there full-time.

Otter's Den Bed & Breakfast - Bedford, Virginia
A 1797 Blue Ridge homestead restored by an Enon Hall Hathaway descendant!

Have an old house Web site that should be included here? Just send me an e-mail and include the words "Old House Link" in the subject line so I can tell it from all the SPAM.