Enon Hall


These journal entries track our progress as we undertake our adventure of restoring this very old home. The main reason for keeping this journal on the web is that we have found that there are very few resources (books or websites) that follow all of the trials and tribulations of restoring an old home...from start to finish.

April 2, 2000

Today we met Mark Dameron, whose grandparents owned and farmed Enon Hall from sometime in the 50s until 1962. According to the 1962 deed, the farm was 302 acres when they sold it.

Apparantly Mark's son had stumbled upon this website and Mark had been watching out for us at the house so that he could introduce himself. He lives further up the creek in a cove.

Mark shared his childhood memories of his grandparent's time at Enon Hall. Including being reprimanded for walking on top of the cemetery wall and a story of his grandmother being chased by a bull on her way back to the house from the chicken coop with a basket of eggs. Mark's great uncle actually lived in the kitchen outbuilding for a while. (Hard to imagine now!) He also said he could remember hams curing in the smokehouse. The Damerons added the kitchen addition to the end of the house, although at the time it was used as a bedroom. The first shed addition on the back of the house was being used as screen porch and the second shed addition was the kitchen.

Was nice to meet a neighbor with such great memories of the house. -- Bill

April 22, 2000

Weekends this month have been cold and rainy, so we have not been able to make any progress on the house.

At the request of some cyber cousins I have removed the black backgrounds from the Gallery pages so that the photo captions will be printable. -- Bill