Enon Hall

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February 2, 2008

William and I spent the day back on our winter clearing project. Both cedars are now free from the mass of vines and scrub trees. We had to limb both cedars pretty far up because the bottom branches were all entirely dead after not having seen any sun for so many years.

We only have about 20 feet left to go. Everything in that span will be coming out. The only tough part is that it's filled with briars from a running wild rose. We're hoping that the rose will survive our clearing work enough to grow on the fence that we plan to put in. -- Bill

February 16, 2008

William had the day off from school yesterday and it was nice and warm, so we spent the day working on our clearing project. And other than trimming down a few stumps and a little more vine pulling, we're done!

"Laurel and Hardy," free at last!

There's a lot of periwinkle under the two cedars, which we tried not to trample too much.

In the panoramic shot above, the span that we cleared follows the curve of the road from left to right. The mass to the left of the cedars is our giant brush pile. Before the clearing, you would not have been able to see the house or smokehouse from this angle. We're wide open to the world now. Now to put in a fence and plant some nice trees to eventually bring the privacy back in a civilized way.

Lucy, checking in on our last surviving groundhog. -- Bill

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